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30 million children displaced

20. juni 2015
Over 30 million children are now displaced by war and conflict. «We must increase our efforts to protect, help and bring new opportunities and hope to the youngest and most vulnerable victims of war», says NRC´s Secretary General, Jan Egeland.
  30 million children displaced
25. juni 2015
As EU leaders meet to endorse the European Agenda on Migration on 25 and 26 June, aid agencies today warn against merely focusing on preventing refugees from reaching Europe as it will only lead to further deaths at sea.
Refugees should be protected, not held at bay

The global displacement trends 2014

18. juni 2014
A total of 59.5 million people were displaced in 2014. This constitutes an increase of 8.3 million in only one year.
The global displacement trends 2014

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Mideast housing crisis driving Syrian refugees to despair

The living conditions of millions of Syrian refugees are worsening across the region, driving thousands to desperate measures including taking the deadly journey by sea to Europe or considering a return to their war-torn country.

Poor countries shouldering global displacement crisis

At the beginning of 2015, a record 59.5 million persons were displaced worldwide.

“I've got the world on my shoulders and I'm not afraid”

Eleven year old Henok risked his life for the chance of giving his family a better future. This is his story.

Seeking refuge across the sea

As many as 150,000 people are internally displaced in Yemen and according to the Djibouti Government, 12,989 people displaced by the conflict are now in Djibouti.

Modest Spend, Major Impact

NRC has been able to implement a shelter weatherproofing and hygiene project for 370 families in Herat, Afghanistan, using a grant from the Canadian Embassy in Afghanistan.

One year since the fall of Mosul

Today marks one year since the fall of Mosul. Iraq took center stage of media attention that day. It also reminded the world of the plight of Iraqi civilians, families thrown on the road overnight, fleeing barbaric violence, running for their lives and leaving everything – their entire lives- behind.

Permanent ceasefire needed now to safeguard millions

Humanitarian agencies are calling on the international community to support a lasting solution that could save the lives of millions of civilians in Yemen, as the United Nations prepares to host peace talks on Sunday June 14th in Geneva.

Delivering aid in a time of massive crises

More than 1 million people in the Horn of Africa, South Sudan and Yemen received direct assistance from NRC in 2014, shows the new annual report for 2014.

Avoid past mistakes

“There are some glimmers of hope in the Central African Republic, but the fundamental problems remain. We cannot repeat the mistake of pulling out too soon”, argued Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council, Jan Egeland.

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