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01. februar 2016
As world leaders and international donors meet in London this week to pledge money for the Syria crisis, millions of refugees across the Middle East are being driven into further despair.
What’s driving Syrian refugees to despair?
05. februar 2016
“For me, it is important to be here, to learn and to move forward. It is dangerous for children to be out there,” says Kerlin Paola (9).
Education for peace in Colombia

Syrian Wishes

05. februar 2016
Refugee youth from Syria were asked to write a letter to someone they love. The photo series “Syrian Wishes” joins the letters with beautiful portraits and paintings.
Syrian Wishes
06. februar 2016
Thousands of families wait at the border of Turkey, fleeing conflict as the Government of Syria secures control of the strategically valuable towns of Nubul and Zahra which had been under siege by opposition groups for three years.
Syrians helpless with nowhere to turn, wait at the border

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In dad’s footsteps

“I hope we can be with my father again,” says Amar (9). After her father arrived in Sweden safely, the rest of the Syrian family embarked on a dangerous journey towards Europe.

An appeal to end the suffering in Syria

Today, leaders of humanitarian organisations and UN agencies call for urgent action to end the bloodshed in Syria.

Colombia's bumpy road to peace

In Colombia, huge challenges remain in order to achieve peace and important issues need to be settled between the parties.

Afghan displaced children and youth paint their lives

Through the delivery of a series of art therapy workshops, the project depicted provides a much needed psychosocial support to over four hundred Afghan children affected by displacement.

Five charts explaining why the London conference needs to succeed

On Thursday, more than 70 heads of state met in London to pledge financial support to Syrians affected by the war. Here are five charts explaining why the conference in London needs to succeed.

Only scaled-up donor support can spare a generation the impact of Syrian conflict

USD$1.4 billion needed to get every Syrian child back in school, say aid agencies.

New partnerships - new solutions

The private sector and humanitarian agencies can find common interests and work together in promoting solutions for displaced populations.

A family home reborn

“We were afraid that we would have to spend the cold winter there,” says Victoria Tsyban after her house in Popasna, Eastern Ukraine was destroyed by shelling.

A new chance at life

When two children and a young woman were murdered by armed opposition groups in her hometown, near Mosul, in Iraq, Akhlas Yuhana Sqt (36) saw no other option than to flee with her family, leaving everything they knew and owned behind. One year later, however, life seems more promising for the newly appointed centre lea...

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