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23. april 2015
European political and business leaders, including Jan Egeland, have joined forces to demand EU leaders immediately restore an expansive search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean.
A call for immediate action in the Mediterranean
24. april 2015
NRC is distributing emergency food rations, hygiene kits and water to people who have fled the recent fighting in Ramadi in Iraq.
Life-saving assistance to people fleeing Ramadi
23. april 2015
Each time a boat comes in to the wharf in the coastal town of Pozzallo, Sicily, Mayor Luigi Ammatuna stands ready with his Mayor chain in red, white and blue to greet the migrants and refugees. “I want to show that the entire town is excited that they have made it here, and I want to show them the respect that they deserve”, the mayor says.
The Mayor of the migrants

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World not delivering on Gaza reconstruction promises

The international community must urgently change its approach to Gaza and deliver on promises of reconstruction, 46 agencies said today in a new report on the lack of progress since last year's conflict.

"The violence must end"

"The Yemen crisis is getting totally out of control. We must have a cease-fire and a political process that can end the violence," says NRCs Secretary General, Jan Egeland.

The loss of a son: A father's story

“We felt safe and we did not expect that the air force would strike us in an camp for internally displaced people”, says 57-year old Jubran Ali Haneen Assadi. A few weeks ago he lost his son in the air attack on a camp for internally displaced people in Yemen.

Ongoing conflict in Anbar affects delivery of humanitarian aid

Ongoing conflict in Anbar governorate in Iraq is causing fresh displacement with over 380,000 currently internally displaced. The people displaced are trapped in besieged areas with little or no access to food, drinking water, medicine or adequate shelter

Housing, land and property challenges for displaced people

A new NRC report shows that the crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR) has resulted in the perpetration of gross human rights violations, including the widespread looting and destruction of homes and, the illegal occupation of land left behind as people fled widespread violence.

Appeal for international intervention

The Yemen crisis wears a human face and the international community must act on this reality

Children in conflict areas left behind

Although the number of children out of school has been falling since 2000, children in conflict-affected countries continue to be excluded from this progress.

Hygiene + NFI Kits – Central African Republic

NRC in the Central African Republic invites all qualified suppliers to submit bids for Hygiene kits and NFI kits.

NRC reaches out with critical assistance

The latest escalation of the conflict in Yemen has caused a number of new displacements and growing humanitarian needs. Read how NRC responds to the severe, humanitarian crisis under challenging circumstances.

Displaced women and girls trapped in Afghanistan’s cities

Displaced Afghan females face significant constraints to accessing education, health and employment opportunities.

Strong women in Afghanistan

NRC's Suhaila Danesjo is working to help internally displaced Afghan women get a better life. Her job is to assist them with legal or economic problems.

Vocation skills training for hearing impaired youth

Elodie and Brahima are both deaf and living in Danané, one of the towns hardest hit by the conflict in western Côte d’Ivoire. For Elodie and Brahima, getting an education or a job seemed almost impossible.

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