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27. august 2015
After nine years of living at the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya, Hawa and one of her sons have finally returned to Baidoa, Somalia, to reunite with her other two children.
Hopes of Somali returnees
24. august 2015
After months of insecurity, Palestinian parents and children were relieved to learn that their schools will reopen this autumn.
Fresh funding saves schools in Gaza
18. august 2015
While other children in Zaatari refugee camp attend school, eight year old Yazan is playing in the dirt. He one of many Syrian children that are deprived of schooling.
Calling for schooling for Yazan (8)

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Masika's new future

She flew from the horrors of war in DR Congo, and ended up in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. Two years later Masika Baseme Jeanne is a successful businesswoman - thanks to the loan she received from NRC.

Perspective Magazine

Read the latest issue of "Perspective" - NRC's international foreign affairs magazine.

A chance to learn

Seven year old Rama had never gone to school in Syria. A local NRC school in Lebanon has given her and her siblings the chance to learn.

Below the line

Four years on, Syrian refugees are struggling to feed their children. The last time Mahmoud* was able to afford a full meal for his family was two weeks ago.

Host countries stretched to their limits

More than four million people have now fled Syria and become refugees in neighbouring countries, according to new figures from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Poor countries shouldering global displacement crisis

At the beginning of 2015, a record 59.5 million persons were displaced worldwide.

19.3 million displaced by disasters but "mother nature not to blame"

In the last seven years, an estimated one person every second has been displaced by a disaster, with 19.3 million people forced to flee their homes in 2014 alone.

John's decision

He refused to only live on aid. Not working was not an option for John. Now he has his own successful business.

A new beginning

In 2002 Maria Oneida Julio (34) had to flee the town of El Carmen in Colombia with her mother and children.

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