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- A terrible milestone

29. august 2014
More than three million Syrians are now registered as refugees in Syria's neighbouring countries. “A terrible milestone”, says Secretary General Jan Egeland.
- A terrible milestone

Displaced Iraqis searching for safety

27. august 2014
“If we say we’re Christians, they’ll kill us. If we say we’re Yezidi, they’ll kill us. If we say we’re Kurdish, they’ll kill us”, says Jalal who has fled from Sinjar to the Kurdish region in Northern Iraq. “The situation is miserable. We don’t know what to do”, he adds.
Displaced Iraqis searching for safety

Stories from Gaza

22. august 2014
NRC’s Palestinian employees in Gaza have been deeply affected by the war. Some have become displaced themselves. Read the Said and Wafa’s stories here.
Stories from Gaza

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New school infrastructure boosts teaching and learning

Teacher and learner attendance, retention of girls and teacher morale is set to improve in 23 distant and hard to reach schools in Northern Uganda, following the handover of 104 new and 27 rehabilitated classrooms, 230 latrine stances, and housing to accommodate 88 teachers within school premises.

Gaza’s children are left out

The Palestinian school year is due to start on Sunday, 24 August, but Gaza’s children will not be going to school.

Moctar and Nicodeme lost their lives in Mali

It's been less than two months since we received the devastating news that two of our colleagues from NRC were killed by an improvised explosive device


On World Humanitarian Day NRC celebrates our brave aid workers in the field, and remember those who have lost their lives in the effort to help others.

Record number of aid workers killed

In 2013, 155 aid workers were killed while working in conflict areas. This is more than twice as many as in 2012.

NRC sends humanitarian assistance into Gaza

Two trucks loaded with essential household items have been sent to Gaza by NRC. The needs are massive.

Nyaloth's story

The war in South Sudan has forced hundreds of thousands to flee from their homes. This is the story of Nyaloth, a mother of seven who is struggling to support her family.

No Safe Place, No Way Out

In the Gaza Strip, there is no safe place for the children, women, and men who seek shelter from the fighting and their most basic needs are not being met. The international community must push for an immediate ceasefire and long-term solutions for the needs of civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Stop the bombing of schools in Gaza

NRC demands an immediate halt to Israel's bombing of schools and Hamas’ use of schools in their military operation. 26 days into the conflict at least 138 schools have been affected by Israeli shelling and several dozen Palestinians have been killed while seeking refuge in schools in Gaza .

Debate on Women's housing, land and property rights

During the recent UNHCR Consultations with NGOs held in Geneva in June 2014, NRC hosted a side meeting about displaced women’s housing, land and property (HLP) rights.

NRC calls for an immediate halt to violence against civilians by all parties

NRC calls for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups in Gaza.

Somalia famine, three years on

Aid agencies today caution that the signs of a drought are re-emerging in Somalia and urge for these not to be ignored in order to avoid a relapse into the conditions of the 2011 catastrophe.

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