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08. oktober 2015
The European Union and its Member States must urgently scale up their responses to the refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe as winter approaches before more lives get lost, five major humanitarian organisations said today.
EU Should Ramp Up Its Refugee Response
05. oktober 2015
NRC is deeply concerned about the humanitarian situation in Kunduz and urges both sides of the conflict to uphold their responsibilities under international law to ensure that civilians are protected. The ongoing conflict has resulted in a dire humanitarian situation in Kunduz, with humanitarian actors unable to provide much-needed assistance to families.
A deepening humanitarian crisis
06. oktober 2015
Close to 4000 refugees returned to Syria from Jordan in August, about twice as many as the previous month. “This is a very worrying trend, showing how hard the situation is for many families in Syria's neighbouring countries”, said Petr Kostohryz, Country Director for the Norwegian Refugee Council in Jordan.
Thousands of refugees return to Syria from Jordan

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The girl’s teacher honoured

In a ceremony in Geneva yesterday the UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres presented the Nansen medal to Afghan refugee, Aqeela Asifi, honouring her tireless work to bring education to Afghan refugee girls.

Opens new legal aid center in Eastern Ukraine

Norwegian Refugee Council has opened a new legal aid center in the city of Kharkiv in Eastern Ukraine. The center will provide free legal advice to internally displaced persons and others affected by the conflict.

- An example to follow

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) congratulates the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet on this year's Nobel Peace Prize.

Hunger - not famine yet

Every two minutes another South Sudanese child becomes severely malnourished in the wartorn country. But yet, no-one can say there is a famine in South Sudan.

In search of a future

Fareed is one of the thousands of Syrians who decided to move from one refugee camp to another across continents, plunge into the unknown and risk his life for a promise of a better future for his children.

It is time to act!

On average, more than 26 million people are displaced by disasters such as floods and storms every year. In 2014, one person was displaced every second. And it will only get worse.

Thousands in Maimana waiting to return home

Families that have fled the fighting in Faryab this summer are living in devastating conditions. NRC and other organisations are stepping in to help.

Welcomes EU initiatives

NRC welcomes the announcement by the European Council to boost humanitarian assistance to Syria and neighbouring countries and the decision to relocate refugees from front-line states to other EU countries.

NRC stops activities in opposition-controlled areas

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has ceased activities in opposition-controlled areas in Luhansk oblast in Eastern Ukraine. The organisation has also closed its office in Luhansk city and withdrawn its remaining staff.

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