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30. november 2015
At the Climate Change Conference in Paris almost 150 heads of state will gather under one roof. “Our goal is a strong legally binding agreement on climate change that also includes displacement and human mobility,” says Nina M. Birkeland, NRC’s Senior Adviser on Disasters and Climate Change.
Looking for a halt to global warming
18. november 2015
More than 800.000 people have crossed the Mediterranean to get to Europe this year – most of them from Syria and Afghanistan.

Six people who have made the dangerous journey, explain why they fled.
Why are people fleeing to Europe?
27. november 2015
Today, Afghans constitute the largest group of asylum seekers to Norway. While many young Afghan men cross the Storskog border in Finnmark, women are fleeing inside their homeland, Afghanistan.
Losing hope for the future
27. november 2015
Friday six children drowned off the Turkish coast. The Norwegian Refugee Council fears that more children will die in the Mediterranean in the coming months as the sea gets rougher and refugees and migrants continue to come.
More deaths at sea likely as winter looms

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Leaders must prioritise people over borders

European and African leaders must follow their promises of collaboration on migration at the Valletta Summit with policies that protect people more than bolster borders.

It is time to act!

On average, more than 26 million people are displaced by disasters such as floods and storms every year. In 2014, one person was displaced every second. And it will only get worse.

Heat, Light and Power for Refugees: Saving Lives, Reducing Costs

First ever global analysis of refugees’ energy use. High costs and poor supply undermine humanitarian assistance.

Thousands of displaced Iraqis affected by flood

Heavy rain and storm have paralysed most parts of central Iraq leading to floods in several camps for internally displaced people.

Verdict in court case against NRC

NRC has received the verdict in the court case related to the attack and kidnapping in Dadaab, Kenya in June 2012.

Migrant and Refugee Crisis Assistance, Chios, Greece

In light of the high influx of migrants and refugees to the Greek islands, NRC is now expanding our emergency response programme on the island of Chios to respond to the humanitarian needs.

EU Action Needed on Yemen

In an open letter to EU Foreign Ministers, the Norwegian Refugee Council and 14 other aid agencies called for concerted EU action to address the ongoing political, security and humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Aid agencies call for a “New Deal” for Syria’s refugees

The international community must agree to a bold new deal for Syria’s refugees if it is serious about tackling the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II.

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